5 Strategies to Alleviate Dental Anxiety in the Triangle

The anxiety of a dental visit keeps many patients from getting regular dental care. Whether it’s concern about unhealthy teeth, the noise of the drill, or concern about pain, there are many reasons people avoid seeing a dentist for regular care.

Dr. E. Scott Saltzman has devoted his entire career to making sure Triangle patients get the best care possible in a positive and caring setting. His Cary practice, E. Scott Saltzman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, treats all ages, from small children to the senior citizen. Dr. Saltzman and his staff will help patients work through their concerns so they can get the beautiful, healthy smiles they want.

These five strategies can help patients feel comfortable with any dental concern:

  • Identify the fear: Figure out the underlying fear. Some people are unnerved by the sound of a dental drill, even if it’s being used in a different treatment room. Others have a fear of needles. For some patients, they fear choking or gagging during treatment. And those who haven’t had care for a long time may be embarrassed over the condition of their teeth. All of these fears are common. Dr. Saltzman and his experienced staff are trained to work with every patient to alleviate any concern.
  • Communicate: Fearful patients can fall into two camps: those who feel more at ease when they know exactly what is taking place, and those who prefer to be distracted and want as little information as possible. It’s always acceptable to ask questions about how treatments are done, how long they will take and how pain will be reduced. But if that is too much information, let Dr. Saltzman know.
  • Ease swallowing concerns: It is frightening to have water pooling at the back of the throat and feeling unable to swallow. If this is a worry, raise a hand to have water suctioned. Our experienced hygienists will clear the water and frequently as asked.
  • Calm the gag reflex: Some people have a sensitive gag reflex while others find it especially difficult to breathe through their nose. Practicing deep breathing through the nose before an appointment will lessen the issue and help with relaxation, according to org, a website devoted to helping people cope with the fear of the dentist. Other suggestions include using a nasal decongestant spray or snore relief spray before the appointment.
  • Contact Dr. Saltzman: Most important is finding a local family dentist and staff to trust. This may require meeting in advance with Dr. Saltzman and team to ask the questions needed. 

Don’t postpone dental care because of fear or anxiety. Triangle families trust E. Scott Saltzman DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for all their dental health needs. Our practice is accepting new patients, so call today for the earliest possible appointment.


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