5 Simple Tips for Selecting a New Toothbrush

The people of the world have been cleaning their teeth for centuries. Over the centuries, we have used sticks with frayed ends, rough fabric, or crude brushes made from animal hair. In 2021, we are lucky to have a wide array of toothbrushes to select, but that variety also can also be confusing. In the Triangle, Dr. E. Scott Saltzman wants to reduce some of that confusion by presenting an easy guide to selecting a new brush.

Here are five simple tips to remember when buying a new toothbrush:

  • Replace every 3 months: Even though patients leave Dr. Saltzman’s office with a new brush after each cleaning, that brush isn’t intended to last for six months. When bristles become frayed or worn, usually after about three months, it’s time to replace the brush.
  • Soft bristles: Saltzman recommends softer bristles. Harder bristles don’t clean any better and can irritate gums and even damage enamel when paired with an abrasive toothpaste.
  • Smaller size: The perfect toothbrush should clean just one or two teeth at a time. It should easily reach all tooth surfaces. It doesn’t matter whether the brush head is rectangular, oval, or tapered.
  • Comfortable to use: A toothbrush needs to feel comfortable is the mouth and be easily maneuvered to reach all tooth surfaces. Children benefit from small brush heads and larger handles.
  • Ask advice: Still, confused about which brush to choose? Ask Dr. Saltzman at the next appointment. His years of professional experience with all ages have given him abundant insight into how best to help his clients take great care of their teeth. 

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