5 Fantastic Habits for Kids that Build Strong Teeth

New parents watch eagerly for their baby’s first tooth to make its appearance. Although baby teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent adult teeth, good habits children form when taking care of baby teeth create a strong foundation for lifelong dental health. In the Triangle, Dr. E. Scott Saltzman treats patients of all ages, from young children to seniors. His experience has shown him how beneficial it is for parents to help their children learn early about proper home care for teeth and gums.

Here are five fantastic dental care habits that Dr. Saltzman recommends parents foster in their children:

  • Start early: Tooth brushing isn’t just for permanent teeth. A baby’s gums should be wiped gently after each feeding with a soft wet gauze or cloth. This practice accustoms the child to daily tooth care. When baby teeth first erupt, parents need to use a soft toothbrush to gently clean the teeth twice a day.
  • No food at bedtime: Babies should finish their bottle before falling asleep, even if it is milk, formula or fruit juice. These liquids bathe the teeth with substances that feed decay-causing bacteria. Older children should not eat or drink anything but water after brushing their teeth before bed.
  • Independent brushing: At around age six, children can begin brushing their own teeth. Parents need to monitor their children to make sure they brush all tooth surfaces and that they spend at least two minutes on the task. Children should learn to spit out toothpaste, not swallow it.
  • Build morning and bedtime routines: Just as adults wouldn’t dream of leaving the house in the morning or going to bed without brushing their teeth, children can develop these same habits early. Parents can build in these routines as part of getting ready each day and as a nightly ritual.
  • Regular dental visits: Saltzman and his staff are experienced at treating the youngest dental patients. Early regular checkups allow children to build trust in dental professionals, preventing the fear that keeps many people away from the dental office. 

Is your child ready for their first dental visit? Call our office today to schedule an appointment at E. Scott Saltzman DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. We love seeing children and Dr. Saltzman will make sure that the first dental visit is stress-free for everyone involved.


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