5 Common Foods and Drinks That Stain Tooth Enamel

Coffee and tea drinkers know their favorite beverages stain their teeth. However, many other drinks and food items also darken tooth enamel. Fortunately, with the advent of tooth whitening, much of that unwanted color can be removed. The Triangle’s trusted dentist, Dr. E. Scott Saltzman, regularly helps patients brighten their smiles and eliminate those stains. Dr. Saltzman and his staff have provided a list of some the worst culprits for tooth discoloration.

Besides coffee and tea, these five also stain teeth:

  • Balsamic vinegar: It’s delicious combined with olive oil on a fresh salad, but the dark color of balsamic vinegar discolors teeth. It’s acidic content also is bad for tooth enamel. However, those effects are somewhat counteracted by the salad itself because eating lettuce builds a protective film on teeth.
  • Red wine: Just as it stains tablecloths, red wine does the same for teeth. Diners can alternate their drink with clear water to help wash away the red color.
  • Tomato sauces: As with balsamic vinegar, tomatoes contain acid, which harms tooth enamel. Their deep red color darkens teeth. Mixing tomatoes or tomato sauce with other non-acid foods, pasta for example, will reduce tooth exposure to both stains and acid erosion.
  • Curry: The deep golden color of curry spices clings to teeth. Rinsing out with plain water after a curry meal will help wash away that yellow tinge.
  • Beets: Just slice into a beet and watch the deep color stain a counter top. Imagine that same color soaking into tooth enamel. The advice for curry holds true for beets. Rinse with water after consuming beets to reduce staining.

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