4 Sweet Reasons for Extra Dental Care during the Holidays

Who doesn’t love a sugar cookie in the shape of a snowman or a glass of hot cider? Holidays in the Triangle mean bracing cold weather, bright colorful lights and lots of extra treats to eat and drink. Even though the task seems daunting, there are ways to maintain great dental health during the holidays. The office of E. Scott Saltzman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Cary created this short list of holiday treats and tips for maintaining great dental health.

Dr. Saltzman offers four reasons to pay extra attention to dental health during the holiday season:

  • Candy: Whether it’s a classic peppermint candy cane, delicious fudge or a box of assorted chocolates, candy is everywhere this month. Most patients already know that anything loaded with sugar plays havoc with good dental health. One strategy to both enjoy the candy and maintain a heathy mouth is to save those treats for times when a toothbrush will be handy or take a sample home to enjoy later.
  • Sweet drinks: Cider, hot cocoa with marshmallows, punch, mixed drinks and even eggnog all contain sugar that will remain on teeth, creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and development of plaque. Rinsing the mouth with plain water will help remove some of the sweet residue. Better yet, use those moments to get in an extra brush and floss.
  • Gift baskets: A basket brimming with treats is almost irresistible. The good thing about most of these gifts is that the individual items come in sealed packages. Instead of breaking everything open at once, take the boxes of cookies, crackers, chocolates and candies and store them in a cupboard, out of sight.
  • Parties: Holiday parties might be the biggest threat to dental health. Revelers are not at home near their trusty toothbrush and they want to enjoy the festivities. A little planning can go a long way here. This might be the time to slip a travel toothbrush into a pocket or purse and get in a quick brush before saying goodbye. Chewing sugarless gum on the ride home is another alternative; chewing gum increases saliva production, which aids in plaque prevention.

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