4 Surefire Ways to a Beautiful Smile in 2020

It’s late January in the Triangle, but it’s not too late to commit to some dental health resolutions for 2020. Along with getting fit and eating better, a more beautiful smile can be a New Year’s goal. As a practicing family and cosmetic dentist, Dr. E. Scott Saltzman has all the tools to help his patients achieve a beautiful smile before New Year’s 2021. To help Triangle residents start the year off right, the office of E. Scott Saltzman DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry compiled an easy-to-remember list of dental tips for 2020.

These four suggestions are easy to implement and will deliver a brighter smile in 2020:

  • Build good habits: Good dental health begins with at-home care. Hygienists need less time to clean off plaque when patients prevent it from building up in the first place. With smartphone reminders, there’s no excuse to forget to brush and floss at least twice a day. Maybe it’s time to start packing a travel toothbrush and a package of floss whenever leaving the house.
  • Go for the crunch: Certain foods are good for teeth and can even help clean them between brushings. Vegetables and fruits that require a lot of chewing to break down the fibers create saliva, which helps wash teeth. Examples of tooth-friendly foods include raw carrots, cucumbers, apples and pears.
  • Power up: Electric toothbrushes are growing in popularity, partly because many people find them easier and more effective at cleaning their teeth. Newer “sonic” brushes provide even more strokes per minute than traditional electric brushes. And for those who just can’t work with string floss, electric water flossers do a great job of cleaning between teeth and at the gumline.
  • Whitening: It’s no surprise that teeth-whitening has grown in popularity. No longer just for movie stars, professional whitening procedures have given many adult Americans smiles they’ve always wanted. Once teeth are getting their daily maintenance through a good diet and regular cleanings, it’s time to talk to a dental professional such as Dr. Saltzman about brightening up that smile.

Start the year off right by making sure you have an appointment for cleaning scheduled with E. Scott Saltzman DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. The office treats patients of all ages and is accepting new patients.


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