4 Essential Recommendations from Doctor Saltzman in Cary NC

Our dental hygienists at our office, know more about their patients’ teeth-cleaning habits than most people suspect. They can tell who is flossing regularly and if brushing habits are working. In the Triangle office of Dr. E. Scott Saltzman, our hygienists are often the ones who remind patients about the best way to care for their teeth. Dr. Saltzman’s staff takes seriously the job of educating patients about the proper and best way to care for teeth and gum. They are always happy to answer patients’ questions.

Here are four essential recommendations that our hygienists at Saltzman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry want all of our patients to know:

  • Brush all tooth surfaces: The most visible part of any smile are the upper front teeth. Those are the ones featured in photographs and the ones everyone wants them pearly white. Yet, every part of a tooth — front, back and the chewing surfaces —needs “toothbrush time” at least twice a day. It’s not unknown for some patients to brush only the outside surfaces. Every tooth needs an all-around cleaning experience.
  • Water flossers really work: Struggling to maneuver string floss between teeth makes some people give up on flossing. A better alternative is to invest in a water flosser. It not only can often do a better job at cleaning between teeth and around the gum line, it can stimulate better tone in the gums. This is especially important for people with gum disease. The water flosser can often reduce the “pockets” between gum and tooth where bacteria likes to hide.
  • Keep up the maintenance: Our hygienists aren’t nagging when they remind people about regular brushing and flossing. They are explaining. The basics of daily maintenance keep teeth in tip-top condition. Dental health is compromised when patients rely only on periodic professional cleanings without doing regular at-home care. It’s a little like maintaining a car; deferred maintenance can mean bigger problems and more expenses in the future.  
  • Brush teeth before the appointment: It is important to brush and floss before an appointment. If time is short, just request to use the office’s restroom and a complimentary brush. No one will mind; in fact, the out team will be thankful for the extra effort. 

Is it time for your dental cleaning? Take a few minutes and call the E. Scott Saltzman DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today to set up a convenient appointment time. We are accepting new patients and treats all ages, so families can schedule both children and parents at the same time.


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