4 Crucial Facts about Children’s Teeth and Dental Health

Here comes Thanksgiving, and the holiday season means enjoying even more treats and desserts at home and in the office. In the Triangle, family dentist Dr. E. Scott Saltzman helps patients of all ages prevent the decay that can occur with too many sweets. Parents know that they can give their children with the best possible dental care by getting them to Dr. Saltzman as soon as baby teeth start to emerge. Babies, age one or more, can be seen for early dental health assessment. In fact, the staff of E. Scott Saltzman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has compiled some interesting facts about the baby teeth and their need for proper dental care.

These four facts about baby teeth and their care are important for parents to know:

  • Making space: Baby teeth play an important role for the emergence of permanent teeth. They hold the spaces for the adult teeth that will come later. A baby tooth lost too soon may cause an adult tooth to come in crooked or in the wrong location.
  • Dental visits: Education starts early and lasts a lifetime. Even toddlers need to be seen by a dentist. It’s not impossible for young children to develop cavities. Early visits offer both an opportunity for parents to learn how to care for their youngsters’ teeth as well as teach children to feel safe in the dentist’s office.
  • Preference for sweets: Humans, and children in particular, have a preference for sweet flavors. This is challenging for parents because sugary drinks and treats are prime causes of plaque and tooth decay. Fruit juices, sodas, cookies and other sugary or acidic treats can weaken tooth enamel, opening up the chance for cavities.
  • Cleaning: Parents should clean their baby’s teeth twice daily, paying attention to the spaces where two teeth touch. Only a tiny amount of toothpaste is needed, about a grain of rice size for toddlers and pea-sized for those 3 and older. Eventually children will take on this task themselves, but parents should ensure that the children brush all tooth surfaces.

As the Triangle’s family dentist, Dr. Saltzman sees children of all ages and makes sure they get the best care for optimal dental health. If young children in the family have not been to the dentist, call the office of E. Scott Saltzman DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today for their first appointment.


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