4 Amazing Developments in Dental Health

Dentistry has greatly advanced over the past several decades. The dentist chair is no longer just a place to treat cavities or a broken tooth; Doctor E. Scott Saltzman offers a range of state-of-the-art treatments to prevent tooth decay and provide dazzling smiles. In the Triangle, family and cosmetic Dentist Dr.  Saltzman meets the needs of every patient who wants both healthy teeth and smiles. Through a combination of new technology, E. Scott Saltzman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry makes it easy for patients to have the best possible dental health.

These four amazing developments help keep teeth and gums at optimum health here in the Triangle:

  • Digital X-rays: Gone are the days when x-ray films had to be developed like photographs. Today’s dental images are rendered digitally on a computer screen, where both Dr. Saltzman and the patient can see details of tooth health. On these images, he can detect cavities between teeth, view bone health, and examine the roots and nerves of the teeth.
  • Camera technology: Saltzman’s intraoral camera gives highly detailed photos of individual teeth, fillings, crowns and other small areas in the mouth. Patients find it easier to understand their dental health needs when they can see exactly what the dentist sees. The images can be duplicated for insurance claims, dental labs or other specialists.
  • Gum and bone health: Healthy teeth are just one part of maintaining the best dental care. Healthy gums and bones also are essential to keeping natural teeth at their best. The new imaging technologies outlined above help Dr. Saltzman and his staff diagnose and treat gum and bone issues earlier than ever before, preventing tooth loss.
  • Cosmetic dentistry: As dentistry has advanced in preventing cavities and treating gum disease, patients have turned their attention to the appearance of their teeth. Modern developments in whitening, straightening and restoration gives patients the opportunity to have their best-looking smiles.

Dr. Saltzman is committed to providing his patients with the most advanced dental treatments. Find out more today by calling the office of E. Scott Saltzman DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for an appointment. He is accepting new patients and treats all ages.


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