5 Ways the Human Body Benefits from Dental Health

Great dental health is about more than clean teeth and avoiding cavities. The human body actually benefits in many ways when people are conscientious about taking care of their teeth and gums. Dr. E. Scott Saltzman sees the rewards every day here in the Triangle when patients follow treatment plans and commit to regular cleanings and daily home care. E. Scott Saltzman DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry wants to share with patients the great advantages of good dental health.

Here are five ways that good dental hygiene contributes to well-being and overall good health:

  • Heart health: Researchers are exploring whether bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream and cause other problems. In particular, one specific bacteria develops a surface molecule that can cause blood-clotting, raising the risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Respiratory health: Respiratory problems may be linked to poor dental hygiene. One study showed that gum disease could increase the risk of pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Healthy babies: Pregnant women with untreated gum disease are more likely to give birth prematurely or to low-birth weight babies. Regular professional cleanings and good home care contribute to healthy babies.
  • Fresh breath: No one wants to have bad breath. Keeping the mouth and gums clean helps prevent bacteria from collecting and creating a foul mouth odor.
  • Weight control: It might seem like a small thing, but brushing after every meal makes snacking less appealing. That feeling of a fresh, clean mouth is an encouragement to stay away from sticky sweet snacks. Some weight loss programs suggest brushing right after eating as a disincentive to snacking.

Regular professional cleanings and exams are necessary to keep teeth and gums at optimal health. Call the office of E. Scott Saltzman DMD Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to schedule an appointment. Dr. Saltzman treats all ages and welcomes new patients.


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